“Employees go to school for 12 – 18 years merely to impress prospect employers in a 12 – 18 minutes interview.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“An employer’s fart is music to his employees’ ears.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“What if we all came with a Fact Sheet- like car fax- Not an opinion, assumption or guess about who we were or what someone thought or heard about us, but a real fact sheet. A human history report lol- What would yours say? Would you be a lemon?”

— Niedria Kenny, Share via Whatsapp

“How can you have dignity in labor if you personally believe your job shouldn t really exist?”

— David Graeber, Share via Whatsapp

“it’s three strikes and you’re out of the union”

— J.S. Mason, The Ghost Therapist...And Other Grand Delights, Share via Whatsapp

“Never bend down possessing the feeling of despair. Stand up and seek new opportunities in order to pursue long term success.”

— Saaif Alam, Share via Whatsapp

“One of the main differences between a slave and an employee is that the employee sold themselves.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“Employees leave where they work. Employers live where they work.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“Those struggling and without work resent the employed. The employed are encouraged to resent the poor and unemployed, who they are constantly told are scroungers and freeloaders. Those trapped in bullshit jobs resent workers who get to do real productive or beneficial labor, and those who do real productive or beneficial labor, underpaid, degraded, and unappreciated, increasingly resent those who they see as monopolizing those few jobs where one can live well while doing something useful, high-minded, or glamorous—who they refer to as “the liberal elite.” All are united in their loathing for the political class, who they see (correctly) as corrupt, but the political class, in turn, finds these other forms of vacuous hatred extremely convenient, since they distract attention from themselves.”

— David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, Share via Whatsapp

“Bullshit jobs regularly induce feelings of hopelessness, depression, and self-loathing. They are forms of spiritual violence directed at the essence of what it means to be a human being.”

— David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, Share via Whatsapp

“Security-Education- Employment is everyone s right. The government has the responsibilty to recognize , ensure and guarantees the right of everyone.”

— Srinivas Mishra, Share via Whatsapp

“If police officers knew that having a suspect die in their care would trigger an automatic termination of employment, I expect we would see far fewer police officers murdering their suspects.”

— Steven Magee, Share via Whatsapp

“that s no job for a white man”

— Matthew Weiner, Mad Men, Share via Whatsapp

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. ... The life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully.”

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca, On the Shortness of Life, Share via Whatsapp

“Know something? I d lay even odds that between the people following us and the people hunting us, we ve become this city s principle means of employment. Tal Verrar s entire economy is now based on fucking with us.”

— Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies, Share via Whatsapp

“Funny thing, employment. If you keep doing it, you keep getting paid.”

— N.K. Jemisin, The Kingdom of Gods, Share via Whatsapp

“Everything that we enjoy is a result of someone s hard work. Some work is visible and other work goes unseen, but both are equally important. Some people stop working as soon as they find a job. Regardless of the unemployment statistics, it is hard to find good people to work. Many people don t understand the difference between idle time and leisure time. Idle time amounts to wasting or stealing time; leisure time is earned. Procrastinating amounts to not working. Excellence is not luck; it is the result of a lot of hard work and practice. Hard work and practice make a person better at whatever he is doing.”

— Shiv Khera, You Can Win: A Step by Step Tool for Top Achievers, Share via Whatsapp