romantic suspense

“Cal studied Savvy as the C-130 sped down the runway. The plane held a half-dozen marines and supplies bound for Manda Bay. She d chosen the seat across from him near the tail of the aircraft and donned protective headphones. Between the headphones and other passengers, there was no way for them to discuss the mission during the flight. He’d been released from the brig at two thirty in the morning and was told he’d be departing on the transport as scheduled. Savvy hadn t stopped by his CLU to offer an explanation, and he’d decided not to go to hers. He needed to sleep. They d have time to sort things out before departure. But daylight brought no communication from her, and he’d been surprised to find himself alone in the vehicle that delivered him to the airstrip the US military shared with the international airport. He’d begun to wonder if the op would be canceled, when she arrived seven minutes before their scheduled takeoff. She’d dropped into the seat across from him with little more than a nod in his direction, donned the headphones, and cracked open a file. She stared at the papers on her lap as if they held the meaning of the universe. They reached cruising altitude. The interior was loud, but not so loud the headphones were necessary. Still, she kept them on. He’d been watching her for twenty minutes, noting that she had yet to turn a page. He’d been looking forward to seeing her. He’d wanted to check the bruises on her neck, make sure she was okay. But the concern had evaporated in the wake of her avoidance. Her utter lack of acknowledgment of what had transpired last night. He reminded himself she’d been assaulted. It was wrong of him to expect her to be rational, cool, and calm today. She’d said the man had assaulted her before, and Evers had indicated the same with his words and actions. She had the right to be messed up. If this were a normal situation. But nothing about this was normal. They were heading into a covert op, and he knew next to nothing of their plan. Worse, he needed to know if she was on her game. He needed Savannah James, Paramilitary Operations Officer for the Special Operations Group within SAD. He needed the covert operator who could do everything he could do, backward and in high heels. He didn’t know if that woman had boarded this turboprop. Flights always took longer on C-130s, and he estimated they’d be in the air about three and a half hours. Too long to wait to find out what was going on in that complex brain of hers. He unbuckled his harness and moved to the empty seat next to her. Her fingers tightened on the files in her lap. He reached over and extracted the papers from her grip and set them aside. He slid a hand down her arm and took her hand, interlocking his fingers with hers. Her hand was tight, stiff, then all at once, she relaxed and squeezed his hand. After a moment, she pulled off the protective headphones and leaned her head on his shoulder. Something in his chest shifted. He was holding hands with Savvy as she leaned on him, and it felt…right. Good. Like something he’d needed forever but hadn t known. Several marines sat too close for them to attempt conversation, and a guy sitting across the empty fuselage watched with unabashed curiosity. Cal didn t care. He liked the way she leaned on him. The way she was willing to accept comfort. The way her hand felt in his. And he was thankful he hadn t been cut from this mission, no matter how much he hadn t wanted it at first. The idea of her having to pretend to be a sexual plaything to anyone but him made his blood pressure spike. It was messed up, but he couldn t deny it. The fact that he didn t like the idea of any other man touching her—even if it was only an act—was a problem to deal with when they returned to Camp Citron. Right now, he was a soldier embarking on a mission, and as he would on any mission, he’d protect his teammate at all costs.”

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“We need to forgive ourselves and everyone else for NOT being perfect.”

— Linda Masemore Pirrung, Explosion in Paris, Share via Whatsapp

“Never run after a man or a bus, there s always another one in five minutes.”

— Cherry Adair, Kiss and Tell, Share via Whatsapp

“He ran his thumb over my lower lip, sending a flurry of sparks through me. Good-bye, Sophie. -Cal”

— Rachel Hawkins, Demonglass, Share via Whatsapp

“It doesn’t matter. I love you. That’s it. That’s all. I hope to hell it’s enough.”

— Maya Banks, No Place to Run, Share via Whatsapp

“I know this woman.” “Who the hell is she?” He stared both his brothers down. “She’s mine.”

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“You love me,” he said. “That’s all I need to know.” “You always say the right thing,” Savannah told him, her eyes so filled with love that he almost wept. “Sometimes it takes you awhile to get to it, but you always get there, and what you say is always worth waiting for.”

— Suzanne Brockmann, Out of Control, Share via Whatsapp

“He caught her, and he held her, and he let her cry, and cry, and cry, and he let her use his sheets to wipe her eyes, and her nose, and God knows what, because he had plenty of clean sheets, and he only had one Kat.”

— Tara Janzen, Crazy Cool, Share via Whatsapp

“Her gaze met his, her blue eyes filled with confusion and terror – and love. If Julian hadn’t already been in love with her, that would have done it.”

— Pamela Clare, Hard Evidence, Share via Whatsapp

“You’re stuck with me.” She sniffled. “Promise?” He rested his forehead against hers. “Cross my heart.”

— Kaylea Cross, Out of Her League, Share via Whatsapp

“When he reached her, he touched a hand to her face. Smiled. Important. That s one word. Everything. That s another. Loved, he said, adding the most important word of all. God, Darcy, you are so loved.”

— Cindy Gerard, To the Brink, Share via Whatsapp

“Because I don’t believe that you are a slave to what you’ve become. I don’t believe that you simply can’t.”

— Bella Forrest, A Shade of Vampire, Share via Whatsapp

“Hanson got to sleep with you, and I didn t,” he said, his own jaw a little tight. “So I stole his car.”

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“i love you Ivy. I ll never stop loving you. I prayed for one more chance to reach you, he said, to tell you how much I love you and to tell you to keep on loving. Someone else was meant for you,Ivy, and you were meant for someone else.”

— Elizabeth Chandler, Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates, Share via Whatsapp

“When you sit that way, you look kind of like a beach ball with a head,” he continued. “Your haircut is really, really bad, I’m probably going to lose my job for helping you this way, and I’m dying to fuck you.” He glanced at her. “That honest enough for you?”

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“He hugged her hard. I love you. My life is so much better with you in it than out of it.”

— Cindy Gerard, To the Brink, Share via Whatsapp

“People will promise you the moon, offer you the stars, but in the end, the only heavenly body you can truly count on is your on!”

— Linda Masemore Pirrung, Share via Whatsapp