soul searching

“There s No Gender On The Other Side Of The Veil”

— Syed Sharukh, Share via Whatsapp

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection; Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit; Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action - Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

— Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali, Share via Whatsapp

“Sometimes we don t even know what we seek anymore. Life halts for a second, and we see a shadow of dreams, some lived, some unlived. So many stories, so many voices and yet each stands distinct for each took a part of your heart, each made a part of your soul. A list of songs, and a whole lot of unkempt moments, a handful of tears and a whole sky of smiles, so much walked and yet such a long path remains, only the steps aren t the same anymore. Words and silence play within and without as nothing seems real in a world that is made of moments, yet the memories bind a reality that shines vividly through a hole of illusions, an illusion of happiness, an illusion of despair, an illusion of love, an illusion of loss. Someday, perhaps in a distant dream, in a known star, there would be a home, where the void of nothingness will forever merge with the wholeness of moments. Someday, in the stillness of a wild heart, we would hold each other in the sky of that dream, that which isn t sought yet found. Because sometimes, we don t even know what we seek anymore.”

— Debatrayee Banerjee, A Whispering Leaf. . ., Share via Whatsapp

“Sometimes all you need is a little bit of Sunshine. I have learnt that Life is not about the walk that we have taken but the company, the experiences we have gathered. I have learnt that in each and every unknown path of our journey we get to know more of our own selves. I have learnt that Forgiveness comes from Love and knowledge that everyone has a story that we cannot fathom. I have learnt that Darkness only comes to lead us to Light while moulding our grey shades in the best silhouette of our soul. I have learnt that all it takes is a little word of encouragement or a pat on a shoulder to let a person know how valued that person truly is. I have learnt that most special moments and bonds can come with a time frame and as long as we have them we need to live that to its fullness and then just let that be. I have learnt that making connections isn t difficult but the easiest way to connect to one s own self. I have learnt that silence has so much more clutched up than words could ever open. I have learnt that sunsets are as beautiful as sunrises, nights are as dreamy as morns. I have learnt that sometimes Life takes a complete different turn to what we plan or expect but when seen from a distance that turn actually looks just the one meant to take us to our destination, where our souls embrace every walk taken so far to know, to accept all that we are. I have learnt that in a world where we could be anything, I chose to be Love. I have learnt that sometimes Love is not what we wait for or what we expect others to shower us with but what we embody and shower others with for Love is the Dream of a Dreamer, the Melody of a Music, the Sunshine of a Sun. And sometimes all you need is a little bit of Sunshine.”

— Debatrayee Banerjee, Share via Whatsapp

“Racism is a problem. Violence is a problem. Sexism is a problem. You know what s NOT a problem? The brain. Use it.”

— Booktastically Amazing, Share via Whatsapp

“My current state of mind is detrimental to my temple. The devil’s left me blind, leaving my soul, a little resentful.”

— Soroosh Shahrivar, Letter 19, Share via Whatsapp

“I wish I could feed my soul as I feed my hunger”

— Futty-fuze, Share via Whatsapp

“You re not too deep, he just can t swim.”

— Nicole Bonomi, Share via Whatsapp

“Enlightenment is when you love the creation of god equally without judgement, condition, and discrimination. Everything that has a soul is worthy of value, care and respect. Remember we are all here for a period.”

— Syed Aiyaz Uddin, Share via Whatsapp

“The solidity of our soul, is not formed in the vastness of the arena; It s formed in a space that often has room for only one.”

— John Corley, Share via Whatsapp

“Love only for the sake of love - with no agenda, no expectations, and no judgments. Where there is love, there is no separation.”

— Aarti Raheja, Where One Is Not A Number, Share via Whatsapp

“What are we craving underneath the layers of protection we carefully construct around our hearts? Connection, visibility, a naked dance with another’s soul.”

— Cassie Jeans, Share via Whatsapp

“Even in darkness, if you close your eyes and try to walk, a serenade of light guides you. And it is not just blank philosophy, it s absolutely true and something that we actually know in the deepest corner of our heart, if only our minds let us look deep enough. And at this time when the world is seeped in a cloud of uncertainty, a shade of darkness that is so dense that an unknown fear clutch us and we fall deep inside that pit of fire, I hope we do not forget that often fire is the most potent element in this Earth to purify us, and even from the ashes one can rise provided we hold on to that Hope, that is the very wings of Faith. This time, this quarantine as they call it, or this Solitude as I call it is making us realize so much and each time I come across a post breathing with life be it music, art, introspective words, I know that this time is letting some of us sink deep in the realm of spiritual growth, even if the outer countenance of that is limited to a shape. The paintings, the songs, the dance and act performances, the cooking dishes, the motivating words, the happiness of spending time with family, the mirth and laughter, even in the frugalities showing the battles of survival, and actually in every littlest post, all I can see is how everyone is getting hold of their inner light and delving into something that gives them the fuel to this light. Sometimes a wreck of clouds bring in a burst of rainfall that perhaps had been long due and yet a silver lining often lurks around as a surprising gift of that grey canopy of clouds. The rain might jolt on the fields of harvest but brings in the promise of a better harvest, and soothes the earth with the harmony of tranquil serenity. The sky shines with a rainbow that we embrace in our hearts through that belief in our abilities and the joy of love, the complete invincible love for ourselves with each and every particle of our soul, and there we rise in compassion and shine in gratitude. I believe, I always believe that anything that we practice often, again and again and yet again, becomes a part of us and sometimes all of us. And perhaps the best practice that we can all indulge in at the moment is the practice of mindfulness, of knowing what truly we want not what we are programmed to want but what lies deep dormant in the innermost vicinity of our hearts where we as souls reside because once we know that, we would know how silence speaks in the sharpest tongue beckoning us again and again onto the path of love, where a serenade of light leads us even through the darkest of gloom.”

— Debatrayee Banerjee, Share via Whatsapp

“Lorsque J. m a dit sors de ton confort et pars à la recherche de ton royaume , je me suis senti trahi, confus, abandonné. J attendais une solutions ou une réponse à mes doutes, quelque chose qui me réconforte et me laisse de nouveau en paix avec mon âme. Tous ceux qui se lancent à la recherche de leur royaume savent qu ils ne trouveront rien de tout cela - seulement des défis, de longues périodes d attente, des changements imprévus, ou, ce qui est pire, peut-être rien. J’exagère, si nous cherchons quelque chose, cette chose-même est aussi à notre recherche. Cependant, il faut être préparé à tout.”

— Paulo Coelho, Aleph, Share via Whatsapp

“Leave the cave of darkness, move into God s light, and begin blessed birth!”

— Joseph S. Spence Sr., Share via Whatsapp

“We all know that we have unique fingerprints, we need to understand that we have unique soul prints as well”

— Deeksha Arora, Share via Whatsapp

“Music [brings] a sense of wonder, connecting us with the next world, our future life, a ladder, a means of ascent and harmony between soul and its creator...[Causes] tears of longing that lift you out of this world of dust and daily cares.”

— Jack Lenz, Share via Whatsapp