“There is such a thing as a person s spiritual memory, his spiritual experience, which must be present in each of us, regardless of our age. These are the main things, of a seemingly higher realm, that gives us moral momentum, that we derive from the events of our lives, and that hold interest not only for ourselves alone. When this occurs and when the moral residue of external events seems important to us, we naturally want to share it with others.”

— Valentin Rasputin, Siberia on Fire: Stories and Essays, Share via Whatsapp

“We need more moral compasses and less Sat Navs”

— Dean Cavanagh, Share via Whatsapp

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”

— Mae West, Share via Whatsapp

“Compassion is the basis of morality.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer, Share via Whatsapp

“A wholesome fear would be a fit guardian for the citizens.”

— Augustine of Hippo, City of God, Share via Whatsapp

“believe me...Nothing is bad, just proove it as right”

— Alpesh Vasan, Share via Whatsapp

“We should always assist our friends and enemies in order to create a decent social environment.”

— Saaif Alam, Share via Whatsapp

“Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike.”

— Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband, Share via Whatsapp

“Conventionality is not morality.”

— Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre, Share via Whatsapp

“The gentleman does not promote people merely on the basis of their words, nor does he reject words merely because of the person who uttered them.”

— Confucius, Share via Whatsapp

“Dream big dreams! Imagine that you have no limitations and then decide what s right before you decide what s possible.”

— Brian Tracey, Share via Whatsapp

“Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.”

— Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Share via Whatsapp

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

— Emmanuel Kant, Share via Whatsapp

“A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.”

— Leo Tolstoy, Share via Whatsapp

“It s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”

— Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit, Share via Whatsapp

“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality, Share via Whatsapp

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

— Theodore Roosevelt, Share via Whatsapp