unconditional love

“You can love an addict, but not unconditionally, because the ultimate condition is for him to get “treatment.”

— D.C. Hyden, The Sober Addict, Share via Whatsapp

“Good luck trying to really understand the words of a book full of contradictions and nutty claptrap about things like shellfish and slavery and homosexuality. Concepts quite removed from the simple unconditional love of God.”

— A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo, Share via Whatsapp

“Mind uses fancy phrases such as love or unconditional love to glorify its cravings. If you have indeed found the well of unconditional love inside you, you have found God.”

— Shunya, Share via Whatsapp

“While we tend to think of love as some faraway place, it is actually a place nearby that we have forgotten.”

— Vironika Tugaleva, The Love Mindset: An Unconventional Guide to Healing and Happiness, Share via Whatsapp

“The world is a chaotic place find a love that doesn t allow a home to have the same feeling.”

— Nikki Rowe, Share via Whatsapp

“it’s okay to love onseLf unconditionally so tHat U truly know U & can recognize the embedded healing & curing aspects & properties buried with-in U & Eye (all of us]”

— Irucka Ajani Embry, Balancing the Rift: Reconnectualizing the Pasenture, Share via Whatsapp

“Loving or accepting others unconditionally allows us to love and accept ourselves.”

— Tara Bianca, The Flower of Heaven: Opening the Divine Heart Through Conscious Friendship & Love Activism, Share via Whatsapp