“Master the dog and you shall master yourself.”

— David Paul Kirkpatrick, The Dog, Share via Whatsapp

“Accustom yourself to Master tilings of the greatest difficulty, and which you seem to despair of. For if you observe, the Left-hand, tho for want of Practice, tis insignificant to other Business, yet it holds the Bridle better than the Right, because it has been used to it.”

— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Share via Whatsapp

“An expert is not a university educated professor, it is a person that has demonstrated mastery of the subject through practical experience, excellent results and numerous highly rated publications.”

— Steven Magee, Share via Whatsapp

“We are slaves of Time. So we have inherent tendency to become master of others. Even in a family, a power play goes on in the name of love and duty (between parents-children, husband-wife). We must thank the pet dogs for absorbing this tendency of human beings and making home environment healthier.”

— Shunya, Share via Whatsapp

“Because of nothing but training, some people can effortlessly do something we cannot do even terribly.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“Every craft is a self-portrait of the maestro who does it. Autograph your work with greatness.”

— Sravani Saha Nakhro, Share via Whatsapp

“Perhaps, The man-hero is not the exceptional monster, But he that of repetition is most master.”

— Wallace Stevens, The Collected Poems, Share via Whatsapp

“Coaching mastery isn’t just about improving skills; mastery also requires that you quickly catch internal disruptions and shift back to being fully present with your clients.”

— Marcia Reynolds, Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry, Share via Whatsapp

“To prove mastery requires significant scholarly knowledge; otherwise, it mirrors the tomfoolery.”

— Ehsan Sehgal, Share via Whatsapp

“Skills don’t die; only people do.”

— Anas Hamshari, Businessman With An Affliction, Share via Whatsapp

“SECRET TO BE MASTER: To be a master on a specific skill, practice one thing 10,000 times. Rather practice 10,000 things one time.”

— Lord Robin, Share via Whatsapp

“But for those that have not already attained mastery, structure and doctrine are needed because formlessness is useless to the beginner.”

— Gereon Hermkes, Scaling Done Right: How to Achieve Business Agility with Scrum@Scale and Make the Competition Irrelevant, Share via Whatsapp

“Past has no power on your present but if you feel it has means you are allowing your past to interfere in your present.”

— Deepak Kumar, Apple Juice For Success, Share via Whatsapp

“A Kung Fu Master is a Practitioner of Martial Arts Who Keeps Practicing.”

— Kailin Gow, Share via Whatsapp

“It is way more pleasurable to master yourself than it is to masturbate.”

— Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Share via Whatsapp

“Those who prefer their English sloppy have only themselves to thank if the advertisement writer uses his mastery of the vocabulary and syntax to mislead their weak minds.”

— Dorothy L. Sayers, Share via Whatsapp

“The head alone is a tyrant. The heart alone is chaotic. The marriage of the two is mastery.”

— Mary Guide, Share via Whatsapp