“Come, There is a way to be good again,”

— Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, Share via Whatsapp

“But that is past and should remain deep in the past”

— Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena, Share via Whatsapp

“No human can bury their past indefinitely. It’s only a matter of time before you crack.”

— K.A. Tucker, Ten Tiny Breaths, Share via Whatsapp

“Not watching the path where his legs took him, he walked on because he knew he had to walk ahead, leaving his past behind.”

— Faraaz Kazi, Share via Whatsapp

“To live meant feeding my former self to my current self.”

— Cameron Conaway, Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Share via Whatsapp

“That magical moment when people from your past make an appearance in your life out of the blue & you just hope they disappear again soon.”

— Nitya Prakash, Share via Whatsapp

“There are greater possibilities ahead than anything that has already passed you by.”

— TemitOpe Ibrahim, Share via Whatsapp

“ a wild and private place to which we only return by accident, as in a dream or song.”

— Julia Fine, The Upstairs House, Share via Whatsapp

“The past drawn like a silk sheet over the present.”

— V.E. Schwab, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Share via Whatsapp

“While they talked they remembered the years of their youth, and each thought of the other as he had been at another time.”

— John Williams, Stoner, Share via Whatsapp

“What happens to you doesn t belong to you, only half concerns you. It s not yours. Not yours only.”

— Claudia Rankine, Share via Whatsapp

“The version of me you knew is several years out of date.”

— Alice Feeney, Sometimes I Lie, Share via Whatsapp

“What s past is prologue.”

— William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Share via Whatsapp

“A safe but sometimes chilly way of recalling the past is to force open a crammed drawer. If you are searching for anything in particular you don t find it, but something falls out at the back that is often more interesting.”

— J.M. Barrie, The Works Of J. M. Barrie, Share via Whatsapp

“If we take the time to unravel the surreptitious fragments from the past that are veiled in the muddle and jumble of our memory, we may single out the essentials for the present that might be best shots for the future. (Never looking back again , )”

— Erik Pevernagie, Share via Whatsapp

“The Past is dead but the Future is immortal; but only the Present determines both.”

— Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel, Share via Whatsapp

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

— Bill Keane, Share via Whatsapp